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How to bring down a civilisation

fredag, oktober 15th, 2010

Before ‘Circus Climate Change Conference’ moves on from Copenhagen to Cancún this December (29 Nov-10 Dec), it could be wise to take a close look at that region’s ancient Maya history – and maybe to learn a thing or two from it, too.

But first, the good news: the world isn’t going to end in 2012 (no matter what happens at the conference later this year). This post is hence not about the speculations around a Mayan Judgement Day in 2012, as shown e.g. in the «2012» movie. That is nonsense. What is true, is that a Mayan calendar ends on the 21th of December that year. But, to everyone’s relief: the Mayans did always plan to replace their first 5125 years old long-count calendar with a new one in 2012. If only their civilisation had survived to see that date …

STANDING TALL: Nohoch Mul, meaning ‘large hill’ and located at Cobá, is 42 meters tall (138 feet) and is the highest Mayan building on the Yucatan peninsula. Photo: Trym Oust Sonstad